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Pet Quality of Life Assessments in Greater Montreal, QC

Animals show symptoms of health, disease, pain, and discomfort, much like people do.

Pet Quality of Life Assessments

“How will I know when it is time?”
Probably the most common question we receive toward the end of a pet’s life. It is the hardest decision you will ever make for your pet. Complicated by feelings of anticipatory grief and wanting them to be with you forever. From personal experience with our own pets, over 40 years of clinical experience between us and our more recent advanced training – we know just how incredibly difficult it can be to make objective assessments of your pet. When we live with a loved pet every day, it can be easy to miss the gradual decline that is taking place.

In-Home Quality of life assessments allow our team to assess your pet in their own environment, not scared and nervous in the vet clinic setting, and help guide you as to whether your pet could benefit from any of our other services; Further medical/holistic care under one of our hospice, palliative care, senior care or pain management programs or in the case of very advanced age or disease if euthanasia may be in your pets best interest when the quality of life has been determined to have decreased to an unacceptable level.

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